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Getting back in my groove

I couldn’t help but wake up early today. I got a lot of exercise in yesterday, plus eating well, so I had to check since today is weigh in day. Well, guess what??? 207.8!!!

You know how the other day I was saying I wanted to find out how many steps per day I did before I started my plan? I averaged 4500 steps a day. That’s pretty sedentary! That’s only walking to the car and back, and only…

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So I was at the grocery store

Hehehe, I’m almost at 30 total pounds lost so I decided to pick up 30 pounds of flour and feel what I’ve lost. Check it out!


Crazy, right? I took a selfie in bed today just to see how I look laying down (yeah I know I’m silly).


I somehow lost the top of my 2 piece so I made a makeshift top using my workout bra and a spaghetti strap shirt (cause I still have to hide the excess skin) and had…

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Stupid calories burned versus eaten!

So I really don’t understand how the body figures out the calories we burn. Here’s today so far for me. Walked the dog when I got up. Walked the dog down to the vet to get her nails trimmed. Drove to the pet shop to get her a new collar, drove and walked around Costco picking up heavy groceries and stuff (didn’t have ANY samples), loaded the massive things into the car, drove to the grocery store…

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Off the topic

Today’s post is sad and not about weight loss. I had to work at my company’s main office today and I got to see friends, eat healthy foods, and wasn’t too busy this afternoon.

This is about this dude I saw on the other side of my building. My co-worker told me that he’s a millionaire, owns a huge home, but is a meth head and prefers sleeping behind a building and only going home to get his…

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Oh yeah

It’s Thursday people! The day before Friday. And I KNOW that all of us people that work Monday through Friday just can’t WAIT until tomorrow!

Yesterday was so bad for me mentally as well as my food! Not only did I eat 8 (yes, that is correct, 8) M&M cookies before I left work; yet again, I had to take my meds when I got home. Then two hours after I took them, I told myself I had to hit my 10,000…

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