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Labor Day holiday?

Hmm, being a mom, this doesn’t feel like a holiday! I have to do some work today, I have to get the grocery shopping done, cleaning the house, and do the cooking for the week. So I’m letting EX take Little Man wherever he wants today. I don’t even know if the stores are open. I stayed up until 2am watching Netflix and then Little Man woke me up at 7am. I’m tired! And I’m out of Full Throttle so I…

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Did it!

I walked 3.2 miles in one hour! Now if I could run that, I’d be ready for a 5K!

It’s 9:05 am and I already walked this many steps today!

That is my one hour walk. I am proud of myself this morning! The balls of my feet hurt but I got back out there!

Have a good day! I need a shower and get moving for all the stuff I have to get done today!

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Been a few days

Oh geez! That’s how I know I’m way too busy at work. I did not have time to post much at all! I haven’t talked about the weight loss either. I’m sorry for being such a slacker lately.

On the weight front, I lost some of the weight that I had gained when I took the week off. I’m still above that nice 206.6 though. Actually exactly one pound above that at 207.6! So I’m up early this Saturday…

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You know what? I am very privileged. I have a 1 bedroom condo that was given to me (by paying off the mortgage). I am healthy, happy, and have a great kid who is healthy. We have food, a car, 2 tv’s, a laptop, an iPhone and iPad, and I’m able to hold a job. I feel for the people that don’t. No matter how old my “things” are, it’s still much more than a lot of people have.

I’m not talking about…

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So many questions answered

Yesterday was awesome! I adore my baby sister. She and I drove around her town and I got to meet my aunt and uncle and if one of my other sisters had been home, I would know 2 of them! We talked, shared pictures, and cried. When I got out of my car, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared. Guess what? I’m the spitting image of my biological mother!

I stayed out there for about 6 hours. Here are…

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