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October 11, 2012

Hey guys! It’s 10-11-12 today!

Last night I went home, put the laundry away (finally), got my son’s school stuff ready, and drank 5 beers - all before 9pm! Don’t forget, I get home at 7. :)

Engineer thinks he has a sinus infection - and he kissed me? I cannot get sick again dammit! He asked if I have any antibiotics. Well of course I do, I’m the pharmacy you know! So I told him to come over and get some cause yes I do have some. He didn’t come which was fine, I was having a good time all on my own anyway. He texts instead and asks me what time I leave in the morning. I told him I’m gone by 6:30 (before he even wakes up). So he asks me to leave it outside. Uh, NO way. I told him he can come get it from my ex on his way to work. Well then he takes his sweet time and doesn’t get there this morning and now he wants to come at lunch. I told him I don’t care…that’s between you and my ex. So I told my ex that engineer was coming at lunch, he said okay. Now watch him not show up again. That would be too bad on his part!

I have re-discovered Twitter and am having fun with it. I’m posting all kinds of crap on there too plus twittering (is that the right word) to my favorite people. Maybe someday they will follow me back (Simon Pegg, Wil Wheaton, Rob Lowe). That would definitely make my day!

I just went outside for a break (the weather in Houston is BEAUTIFUL) and a wasp decided to come be friends. Since my severe allergy and the fact that my Epi-Pen is in my desk upstairs, I bolted away. It didn’t come after me thank God! I think it liked all my hair and thought it could nest in it which is why I started thinking I should chop it all off again but I am looking for your view on the subject! See previous post to respond to that.

AND…my little cub scout is selling popcorn for his troop and we need your help! If he doesn’t get to $750.00 sold, he won’t get his patch and he starts crying thinking he won’t get it so please buy some popcorn and help him out here.

And thank you! It’s Thursday people…let’s get this week over so we don’t have to work for a couple days!

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