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October 12, 2012


So last night - engineer came by to get the antibiotics and we sat outside my house to talk. He said he met this “weird girl - kind of bubbly and bouncy”. I asked him playfully if he was going to go out with her and he shrugged. WRONG ANSWER!!! So I gave him a hug and he went home. I wanted to cry but chose not to cry over him again. It just all became very clear that he wants to be with many people and cannot just be with one, like, ever. So I went inside, turned on season 2 of Lost, and could not sleep.

At 11:30pm, my new gay friend text me that he told his b/f to fuck off so I called him. He told me that the guy was a loser and using him so he broke it off. I said good for you and told him about engineer. He said he was sorry but that it’s for the best. He and I hung up and I called Kansas to talk to her. We talked until about 12:30am and I said I was going to go to bed. I went online and checked one of my check in apps and saw that married guy said he was out cruising for PYT 53 minutes ago. I liked his status and then he text me. He said he thought it might be too late to call and that’s why he didn’t. Ok, whatever. He and I text back and forth for 40 minutes until I was able to go to sleep. Then I had to be up at 5am today.

I walked in my office this morning to international travel issues with United cancelling flights. Now I’m backed up horribly because I’m trying to deal with that plus all the other stuff coming in! I’m going on 4 hours sleep as well.

But I have good news! My son, the master speller, has his first competition today at his school and I get to go! That’s why I’m here so damn early, I traded shifts with my co-worker so I could make the spelling challenge. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait until this afternoon!

OMG..more problems…chat with you guys later :(

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